Terms & Conditions – Let's Huddle

The Usage and Subscription of Let's Huddle product from Voice Snap Software Pvt Ltd (herein after referred as Voice Snap) is subject to the following terms and conditions

General Terms

(i) Let's Huddle is a teleconferencing product that has been developed by Voice Snap. The format, design and all aspects of this solution is the sole intellectual property of Voice Snap

(ii) The use of Let's Huddle by Users/Subscribers is subject to the appropriate laws as applicable and as determined by Competent Authorities. The service is offered subject to the operating conditions prescribed by the Competent Authorities. Hence the service is subject to change, and within the overall compliance of policies and conditions prescribed by them.

(iii) Let's Huddle functionality is dependent on the Telecom Networks and Telecom Service Providers from whom the telephone lines have been procured. Hence Voice Snap shall not be responsible for part of the functionalities or all functionalities of the product not performing at times.

(iv) Voice Snap reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to accept or reject Users/Subscribers at any point in time. It is not liable to provide any explanation or reason to any User/Subscriber in the event of terminating any User/Subscriber account. Voice Snap will refund any money deposited with Voice Snap after deducting for any usage or other

(v) Let's Huddle as a product and service is supported only in India and the product will not work when used from outside of India or to connect with any party outside of India.

(vi) User/Subscriber shall not use Let's Huddle in any manner that is in contravention with the Laws of India

Pricing and Payment Mode

(i) Pricing will be based on a permember/ per minute rate for each Huddle Call made by the User/Subscriber. All applicable taxes will be in addition to the price and the same will be deducted post the call.

(ii) After each Huddle call, the overall price will be computed and the same will be deducted from the User/Subscriber’s account. In the case of a scheduled Huddle Call, the charges for the scheduled call will be deducted from the User/Subscriber’s account prior to the call and at the time when the scheduling is confirmed. The actual price will be computed post the call and if there is a need to refund or deduct more, the same will be made from the User/Subscriber’s account.

(iii) The Deduction or Refund will be done as an end of day process and the same will be reflected in the User/Subscriber’s account only post this process.

(iv) Voice Snap reserves the right to change the price at any time.

(v) Any change or revision in all applicable taxes will be passed on to the User/Subscriber from the time such changes are brought in force.

(vi) Payment mode will be through a Mobile Wallet (MRupee) only. At the time of creating a Let's Huddle account, the system will automatically create a Mobile Wallet Account (MRupee) for all User/Subscribers. All terms and conditions that have been set by MRupee for Account Holders will apply to User/Subscribers.

(vii) The User/Subscriber can transfer money into their Let's Huddle account and use the same for making Huddle calls. They can top up from their Mobile Wallet account at any time and also transfer their balance from Let's Huddle account to their Mobile Wallet account at any time.

(viii) The User/Subscriber hereby authorizes Voice Snap to collect and forward KYC information and other information sought by Mobile Wallet providers (MRupee) as per the relevant laws under which they operate

(ix) The User/Subscriber will have to key in their MRupee password (MPIN) in the Let's Huddle App to conduct their transactions. The User/Subscriber authorizes Voice Snap to forward this password other credential information through its servers to the Mobile Wallet Providers (MRupee) and use the information provided by them for fulfilling or providing Huddle Conference services

Data and Security

(i) Voice Snap is not aware of the nature and content of the conversations held between the User/Subscriber and other third parties such conversations are not monitored by Voice Snap. Any illegal use of the facility, when brought to the notice of Voice Snap shall entail immediate disconnection of the service.

(ii) Voice Snap will not disclose the personal data of User/Subscriber to any third party for any other commercial activity or marketing activity without the prior consent of the User/Subscriber

(iii) User/Subscriber agrees that Voice Snap can send messages regarding new product features, special offers and other promotional information/material to them.

(iv) User/Subscriber can at any time, opt out from receiving such promotional messages from Voice Snap. However this shall not include technical messages related to usage, payment balance, upgrade and bug fix related messages.

(v) Voice Snap operates and offers Let's Huddle under the relevant laws of the land. If Competent Authorities, duly authorized by law, seek information on User/Subscriber and their usage of the system, the same shall be provided by Voice Snap with or without informing the User/Subscriber

(vi) All Voice Recordings of Huddle Calls will be kept on Voice Snap servers for a period of 3 days. After this period, the files will be deleted from Voice Snap servers. During this period, User/Subscriber can download the files for their reference.

(vii) The above time period is subject to change at the sole discretion of Voice Snap without any notice to the User/Subscriber

(viii) The facility to record the messages are provided based on the current rules and regulations that govern telecom providers and service providers. In the event, there is a regulatory restriction or orders to stop such facility, the same shall be withdrawn by Voice Snap with/without prior notice.

(ix) Notwithstanding the above, Voice Snap reserves the right to withdraw this facility with/without any reason or notice

(x) User/Subscriber will not hold Voice Snap liable for any partial or full failure of the recording feature.

Technical and Information Access to the User/Subscriber’s Phone features

(i) Let's Huddle will access information/data of individual User/Subscriber that relate to the provision of service of Huddle services and proper functioning of the App. User/Subscriber agrees that such information/data can be accessed and used by Let's Huddle App for the smooth functioning of the application.

(ii) Let's Huddle will access certain phone features of the User/Subscriber such as Internet and Network Access, Identity and Status and dialer settings for the functioning of this App. Let's Huddle App will also access and modify data in the User/Subscriber’s device. User/Subscriber agrees to allow the Let's Huddle App to do the same.


(i) User/Subscriber indemnifies Voice Snap from any potential losses or damages as a consequence of partial or total non-performance of Let's Huddle solution

(ii) User/Subscriber indemnifies Voice Snap from any potential loss caused to User/Subscriber by leakage of their data that is a result of hacking or cyber crime on Voice Snap infrastructure

(iii) User/Subscriber indemnifies Voice Snap against any unlawful use by them of the Huddle Services

(iv) User/Subscriber indemnifies Voice Snap for any discrepancy, fault, or non-fulfillment of any transaction with Mobile Wallet Provider systems that is routed through Let's Huddle App

(v) User/Subscriber indemnifies Voice Snap for any leakage or abuse of their data by the Mobile Wallet Provider and any or all such claim for damages with regard to the same will be exclusively with the Mobile Wallet Service Provider

(vi) User/Subscriber accepts and agrees to all terms and conditions imposed by the Mobile Wallet Service Provider for creating and operating a Mobile Wallet Account. No claim with regard to this shall be entertained by Voice Snap

(vii) For the purpose of creating a Mobile Wallet for User/Subscriber, the following information has to be provided to the Mobile Wallet Service Provider for creating a limited KYC Mobile Wallet
First Name + Last Name
Mobile number
Date of birth
Mother’s maiden name


(i) User/Subscriber indemnifies Voice Snap from any potential losses or damages as a consequence of partial or total non-performance of Let's Huddle solution(i) Voice Snap reserves the right to terminate the provision of Let's Huddle services without notice for any User/Subscriber

(ii) On termination, Voice Snap will return whatever is the unbilled Balance available in the Let's Huddle account against the User/Subscriber. There will be no other liability for Voice Snap.

(iii) User/Subscriber can opt to terminate their Let's Huddle Account at any time. On termination, Voice Snap will process the request and return any balance that is left unused in their Let's Huddle account to their Mobile Wallet account.

Intellectual Property

(i) All Intellectual Property and Copyright related to Let's Huddle are the exclusive property of Voice Snap.

(ii) On termination, Voice Snap will return whatever is the unbilled Balance available in the Let's Huddle account against the User/Subscriber. There will be no other liability for Voice Snap.(ii) User/Subscriber shall not in any manner, copy the format, design, and technical aspects of Let's Huddle or provide any support to any third party to do the above.

(iii) The logo and design of the Let's Huddle App and Voice Snap are the exclusive trademarks of Voice Snap and the same shall not be used or copied by any User/Subscriber


This agreement shall remain within the jurisdiction of the courts of Chennai only.